Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Things We Love - My list

Gideon and Derek and MBM at Testimony and Truth and Christie at For Now have shared a bit about themselves by sharing the things they love. I think this makes for some go:od communication and a little web community. So here is a spontaneous stream of conscious list of a few things I love.

1. Being interrupted by the presence of God
2. Being forgiven
3. Inspiration at 5:30AM
4. The sound of a tube amp just starting to break up
5. Bob Marley’s wail
6. Missionaries
7. My wife’s hard work and patience
8. My mother’s hard work and patience
9. Christian’s from other countries
10. The whole church
11. Being offered a meal by an immigrant family
12. The sayings of Jesus
13. Pastoral visits
14. The elderly
15. Being woken up by my kids on a Saturday Morning
16. The Who Quadrophenia
17. Putting my confidence in the compassion of Jesus
18. The Lord’s supper
19. Jonathan Edwards
20. Heroic effort
21. A perfect jump shot
22. My dad
23. Hi-gain Mesa Boogie amps like Rage
24. Stravinsky
25. Sleeping on other people’s couches
26. Raiding other people’s refrigerators
27. Having people over every night of the week
28. Saint Francis
29. Guinness
30. Science
31. Modern Worship
32. A Good hymn
33 Listening to my kids practice piano
34. The dialectic dinner table
35. Dylan
36. Coltrane
37. Asking for forgiveness
38. Adversity
39. Still believing for revival
40. Idealism
41. Prophetic passion
42. Seeing lives change
43. 50th anniversaries
44. Alcoholics Anonymous
45. Violating social norms
46. Dancing to worship music
47. Reggae
48. Talking to my brother about politics when he’s drunk
49. Expository preaching
50. Our church….

God Bless,

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