Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Art, Technology, and the Story

Tod Bolsinger just got back from Malawi. He tells a great story about watching the Jesus Film in a village he visited. It is encouraging to see people respond and participate in the telling of the story. My question then is "How do we create art that is fresh and elicits such a response in our entertainment saturated culture?" This is a great challenge. I saw U2 last weekend and was challenged again. I believe the church has the gifting to create art that is easily as engaging as U2. I am being challenged to pick-up my guitar again and start writing fresh music.

I even went out and bought a drum machine to inspire my creativity. For me, it is all about the emotive quality of rhythms and the power of new technology to create fresh rhythmic textures. Also, the church needs to fully embrace the ability of digital audio to move air and create huge phat bottom end impact.

We are called to be excellent in every area of life and the our cultural artifacts can express our message of the GOOD with all the ingenuity of our God given talents. Worship the Lord with all our hearts, all our souls and all our technological and tool making minds.

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