Friday, April 08, 2005

Did I forget to Mention I saw U2 last Weekend - Review

Well, the worship band members and I went to see U2 on Saturday night last weekend. As you can imagine, it was glorious. I would like to make a few simple comments here:
1. Bono comes across as very likable and not pretentious at all. He is in my mind the greatest pop musician of all time. He handles his success with incredible grace and, more importantly, has leveraged his fame to promote the welfare of the poorest of the poor. His voice is obviously the best, but we all know that. One funny thing though is "that boy's booty is broken". The man cannot dance. LOL
2. The positive vibe of U2 is just to die for. When I started my first band after becoming a Christian, I wanted to make music that was inspiring and moving but also beautiful. U2 is the great example of making music that is inspiring and emotive but also points to the GOOD. They are a great inspiriation that a musician doesn't have to sell out to the lowest common denominator of human nature to fill arenas and be artistic. God bless these guys.
3. Edge is the greatest. The Edge's guitar tone (learn how to re-create his tone here) makes the band just sound fantastic live. His sound has that beautiful chime, and all that delay fills the hall so well. Also, his sense of melody and his skill at playing memorable lines just comes through wonderfully live. Bono's lyrics and Edge's tone are just a match made in heaven. Here, the tonal qualities match so well the theme of the music. Knowing how they usually work in the studio, it is, I believe, often the tone that creates the inspiration for the lyric. Bono usually starts to sing and write lyric AFTER the groove is already being laid down. This fact in itself is a testament to the power of music to have a directional influence for good.

I hope all you worship leaders out there are listening. Excellence and craft is vital to moving and inspiring a congregation toward positive and productive moral action.
God Bless,

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