Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Humility 2 - Owning My Responsibility

I am on a business trip and actually this allows for more prayer time than at home.

This morning I was contemplating my next sermon on Romans 6 and "no longer letting sin reign in your mortal bodies". My sermon is on the "How to do this".
My thought was that the church doesn't teach often how to do this putting off. Paul later explains the process as "if we by the Spirit put to death the deeds of the flesh". The question is:

Has anyone ever explained this process to you?
Do you think the leaders in our churches know how to teach others how to do this putting off and ultimately bring others to victory?
If an addict came to you, could you lead him to victory and liberation?
If a person was struggling in their marriage with arguing, could you teach them, over say 6 months, how to find self-control and the means to be delivered from the impulse to anger?

If we can't do these basic discipleship tasks, are we making disciples?

I think that we might be able to get folks baptized and into the church but becoming a Christian isn't leading many of them into the life of the Son of God. Many enter the church but few are entering the kingdom life. Is this true? If it is, could it be that this is what Jesus meant when he said,

"You will travel around the world to make a convert, but when they convert they become twice the son of hell that you are." - ??

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