Monday, April 25, 2005

The New Monastic

Summer (Gideon Strauss's daughter) has asked "what would a new monastic life look like?" in the comments to Gideons post on the need for a new monasticism.

Just this weekend I made what I hope to be a monumental decision to begin living this monastic life in earnest. I make many such decisions and do not follow through BUT I have asked others to hold me accountable this time so I think this time may be different.

Here is the question I ask. What areas of life do i wish to model to the men I wish to disciple? To this I answer:
1. Devotional life
2. Family Life:
a. managing the home with my wife
b. educating my children
c. times of playing and learning other skills together
3. Doing missionary work in our neighborhood and beyond
4. The one on one discipleship process itself.

If you are a pastor or a leader, can you model these areas of your life to others so as they could live with you and would learn a new way of life that manifests the kingdom of God? This is the new monasticism!!!

John Wimber used to say with respect to gifts, "Everyone gets to play". The 21st Century Reformation will happen where there is a monastic style of discipleship where, likewise, "Everyone gets to play"
God help us dig deep as we build high,
God Bless,

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