Friday, April 15, 2005

A New 95 Theses - A Short List in the Making

Blue over at Blue Goldfish has started the discussion by asking the question:
How can the various (Christian) bloggers and church leaders create a basic list for changes (i.e. a 21st Century Reformation) that we do agree on?"

So reading Tod Bolsinger's post this morning, I decided the reformation can start right here by joining together to do the mission here. This first bullet is not necessarily the most foundational of all the needs for change in the church but it is the one I am moved to emphasize today.

My list of one so far...(94 to go) is this:
Thesis #1. The church is not morally distinct with respect to love for those suffering around the world. Our witness is diluted by our materialism and the quest for economic security. We call the churches to engage the problem of poverty and development as a witness to the Love of Christ and our faith in His provision for us as His children. Therefore, we risk our own economic security for the immediate needs of others and to help secure the economic security of those who are in greater imminent danger of the loss of life's most basic provisions of food and shelter.

What is your short list?
Let's start the revolution..Pray for the reformation and join together with others who are already doing the stuff. I personally am going to ask Tod B. how I can get involved.
God Bless,

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