Sunday, April 17, 2005

The New 95 Theses Project - Bloggers and ADD

Evangelical outpost had an article on blogging as a short attention span media. Every day, the topics change. Well, my hope is to create a wave of bloggers looking to create a bit of a "new 95 Theses". This project will require a long attention span and a bit of community dialogue. I think the purpose is to describe the problem. The Theses do not give solutions but simply give problem definitions. Having agreed on the various objective problems, can not bloggers and chuch leaders get together to in unity solve some of these issues which disgrace the name of our Lord?

Blue created a new 21 theses. These are written similar to Luther's which are all related on a general topic. Because I think what is needed is pretty far reaching, I would summerize Blue's Theses into a few Theses. His main issues are the substitution of entertainment for worship and the money that is spent to maintain such entertaining enterprizes.
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